25th January 2018
by Dan Wright

International Data Privacy Day, January 28, is a good time to assess whether your business has securely stored its sensitive information. 

Here at saberVox Cloud Solutions we provide a range of solutions to protect your business against the ever-present threat of cyber-attacks and data loss. A successful attack on your business could result in down time, financial losses and a damaged reputation.

Last year, businesses across the world were under attack from the Petya ransomware virus. Dubbed the “biggest ransomware outbreak in history”, the cyber extortion attack saw computers locked and users' files held for ransom, bringing businesses to a halt in over 100 countries. The attack raised the importance of data security for businesses big and small, as well as highlighted the impact a proactive approach to data backup and storage can have on business continuity. 

How to protect your business data

Back up

Effective backing up can help businesses recover lost data in the event of an attach. Off-site backups can reduce the risk of data loss in case of a fire or flood.  Cloud-powered data protection has already become a mainstream activity for a large number of organizations.

The saberVox solution: we can help businesses determine whether their business data is secure. We partner with Veeam, one of the world’s leading providers of ‘always on technology’, to help business to protect their data again ever present threats or disasters.  We back your data up in our highly secured offsite data centre. And if disaster was to happen, your data is safe and available to you.

Manage access to your data

Businesses need to make sure their server, cloud storage, computers and phones are secure. Consider who has access to data, how you remove data from old devices and manage passwords.  In today’s digital world, we rely heavily on accessing our data 24/7 and on the go. A wide range of protections are available, ranging from software to stop people stealing data using a USB to being able to wipe business data from a lost or stolen computer.

Protect customer data

In addition to the potential damage to a business’s reputation, a data breach also has legal implications. From a customer perspective, Australians perceive greater risks in interacting with businesses online 

The saberVox solution: as a data centre provider - saberVox is highly secure, equipped with strong back-up capacity, provides dual-powered equipment, and offers multiple connections to your data and information. With saberVox, all your data will be secured within a private and secure cloud environment, available only to those you want to have access.

Stay up-to-date and be prepared

Be sure your software patches are up-to-date and that you are aware of new and upcoming risks. Finally make sure you have a plan in place to mitigate the risks and protect your data. 

The saberVox solution: The specialised and certified saberVox team can manage all of your IT requirements, allowing you more time to focus on what’s important to you - your business. saberVox offers a variety of support and service options to Newcastle, Hunter and regional businesses. Let us take care of your infrastructure for you and be on hand if disaster strikes.

Our goal is to keep things simple for our clients. We want to make sure our clients are well-protected against events such as ransomware attacks and have access to the experts and technology locally to service their storage and back-up needs.

To further support this, we have recently invested heavily in replacing, upgrading and adding new servers locally - as well as adding an enormous amount of storage - to make accessing the cloud much faster and more reliable than ever before. saberVox Cloud Solutions now boasts more storage capacity than any other provider in the region and through their partnership with Veeam can offer Disaster Recovery services to organisations of all sizes. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help protect your data. https://sabervox.com/contact