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Taking vineyards from Smart to Smarter...

We exist to help vineyards take their existing viticulture expertise and make it more efficient and effective. We measure success by 2 primary outcomes:

1) Reduction in operating costs such as irrigation, labour and disease management costs

2) Management of production risks including:

  • Timely identification of pest and fungal risks
  • Optimal use of pesticides, fungicides and water to minimize risks to crop
  • More consistent targeting of the objectives set for yield and quality

We have sourced globally proven technology solutions and integrated them with local requirements and data.  This allows us to assist in delivering a repeatable and predicable implementation of your viticulture strategy by:

  • Automating the capture of key data from the vineyards
  • Automating the analysis of this data based on internationally recognized viticulture models
  • Automating recommendations that will optimize your viticulture objectives

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